Google Bowling the Latest Tactic

Whatever you have been working on for months could be undone by a single mistake. For example, you may stuff your web pages with the keywords and this will pull you down in the search results page for that particular keyword. This will affect your traffic that matters most to your website, and completely defeat the purpose.

It’s not just keyword stuffing that can be a problem. Link building can also affect your website. While building links, try to use several variations of keywords for anchor text to link your website. Take some time to go over your inbound links and look for at least this one telltale sign you need to change things up. If too many sources point to your website with the same set of keywords, then you might be ranking low for that keyword. Try using a mild variation or two in the keywords in order to keep you from being penalized for over optimization from this angle.

Exposure is beneficial and branding is important, but without a large quantity of high quality back links it is all worthless. You need to measure your campaign’s success with analytics and tools and recognize each link’s value to your site. Direct value in the form of link juice and higher SERPs rankings and indirect value in the form targeted traffic from search engines and social sites is the goal. This is how you raise your conversion numbers rather than just generate random traffic.

A good SEO copywriter can write one article then take each paragraph and turn it into a stand alone article, then rewrite each individual article one or more times for high quality, optimized content that won’t get you hit with a duplicate content penalty or looked on as an amateur for poor writing quality! This is a far better option than slamming one article through dozens of sites if you choose to you this method still.

If you choose to use press releases, which can be extremely effective, they should be keyword optimized, formatted according to your PR distributor’s guidelines, and the content must be presented as newsworthy. niche - this is not something you want a newcomer to the niche working on for you.

Not only is overly keyword-stuffed web copy difficult to read and understand but too high keyword density is a risk of penalization from Panda a Google search engine algorithm update that specifically targets websites that are overly keyword optimized.

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Tips on how to coach your website clients

Given below are a couple of guidelines to aid you in training your customers along and also to thin the gap of understanding, anticipations, and eventually keeping your clientele and yourself pleased!

Be on the same page – Ensure that you and your customer are on the same page from the start, and all through the whole process of the project. This mplies that the customer prospect as well as the web design team prospect is clear, brief, and predetermined before any contracts or agreements are signed or any handshake deals are made.

Remind them why they hired you - Every now and then customers dictate you to do your job, or believe that they know how to design a website better than you do. Customers get animated and feel like contributing to get the appearance and feel of their fresh web design, but just because knowledge of some desktop publishing software packages does not imply that they are web designers. They may have a visually appealing presentation or brochure that has caught the imagination of the upper management; however they need to realize that it doesn’t essentially transform to the web. You have to ring a bell to the client concerning the things that constitute a grand website, like serviceability, ease of access, and design principles for starters. Most people don’t think all the concealed features that distinguish website design from other publishing resources.

Communication, communication, communication – Keeping in touch with the customer throughout the course of every stage of the project is vital to maintenance of your web development team on the correct path. It can be usual emails with status updates, or a weekly meeting or conference call with those concerned with the project and keeping in touch with the web development team, however you are required to have a system in place that keeps everyone informed right through the complete project lifecycle.

Scope creep – Ensure that you have all the necessities clear in the start and then record any petitions for alterations as a component of a Change Management (CM) policy that get added on as extra services, that certainly, leads to extra fees. You don’t want to be burdened with cost inflation as your customer keeps altering their needs halfway through the project.

Overestimate deadlines then deliver early - I know it is easier said than done, but when likely, you always would like to create buffer to the development budget and timeframe of your approximation, perhaps 10% or extra of a buffer, but that percentage can increase or decrease with respect to the scale of the project. One thing that is beneficial is that in case you discover that there is a minor increase from the original approximation you still have a little margin, and after that when you do come in early and within the budget; your client will be pleased too.

These are just some guidelines to manage your customers by means of a customer service approach, at the same time as training them all the way through will assist them in realizing the internal mechanism of web design, and will also provide your web development team with a improved understanding of their customers.

Tips on Developing Your Website

I doubt that you would be happy to show off a business card or an office stationery that does not look presentable. Who would want to do that? The same principle is true with websites. It is not just a mere representation of your business. It is, in fact, a very important one. This means that your website should be well-designed. It never hurts to have a website that looks awesome and presents your business well. But this is not just a design factor as you also need to include other considerations as well. This article will give you some tips that will be very helpful to you.

- One big mistake that some websites make is that they put too many images on the site. If you are not doing a website about photography, you probably do not need that many pictures. In fact, having too many images can cause your page to take so long to load and you will end up losing site visitors. They will just simply go and find one that loads faster. The sad thing is that these images are often not even needed. There is no additional value to the product or the service that you are selling and it hardly increases your sales. The content is the important part and it is what tells the site visitor about the offers that you have. If you really want to include images, the images should be pictures of the product and of people who are giving their testimony about it. If your websites includes a page that has a sales letter on it, you can include a picture of yourself to give it a personal feel.

- Make your pages as convenient to go to as possible. Your potential customers’ experience on your site should not involve too many clicks. One click on the purchase button should take the person directly to the page with the shopping cart. If there are plenty of products for sale, you can dedicate one whole page for displaying all of these.

- Think about the navigational structure of the website. This is a crucial factor even if you do not have that many pages. A navigation structure should be simple and easy to understand. Have correctly-named pages so as to not confuse your visitors.

- Another thing to think about is that site banner. People are so used to seeing banners on a website. But the fact is that there is no additional value to having them and they do not lead to any increase in sales. Actually, the banners can even hinder your conversion rate. A banner can take the person’s attention out of the more important information on the web page.

Online SEO Certification

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a hot skill in today’s online job market, whether you are designing websites, writing website copy or trying to market a product or service online. SEO writing employs techniques to maximize the chance of consumers finding a Web page through common search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Online SEO certification programs teach you those techniques, and being certified in SEO may increase your online employability.


The purpose of online SEO certification is to train writers and Web designers in the most current search engine optimization techniques, and to provide a credential that proves to potential clients or employers that you have a certain level of search engine optimization proficiency. Be aware that some online SEO schools offer professional SEO certification programs, while others simply offer a certificate of completion for SEO courses.


Because SEO techniques are not standardized, the curriculum of online SEO certification programs varies. Common topics include how search engines work, SEO keyword analysis, internal and external linking, Meta description tags and organic copywriting. Some online SEO certification programs focus only on search engine optimization, while others also include information about Internet marketing, Pay-Per-Click, public relations and other related subjects.


Online search engine optimization certification programs may cost as little as $50, or as much as several thousand dollars. Some SEO schools require one up-front tuition payment, while others ask you to pay for each class separately. 


Expensive online SEO certification programs are not necessarily better. Check the content and time frame of individual programs to see if the curriculum fits what you need from a certification program. Search for reviews and endorsements of individual schools to see if they have an established reputation. The SEO Consultants Directory (see Reference section) offers a list of SEO certification programs, annotated with insider reviews that could affect your choice of SEO school.


Although SEO certification may give you a boost in the online job market, certification is not required, and there are other ways to learn SEO techniques. Free resources such as Ross Goldberg’s informative e-book about maximizing your website’s traffic (see Resource section) may provide you with enough SEO knowledge to get started. Online content distribution companies such as Suite 101, Remilon and Demand Studios offer SEO training for writers or have SEO techniques built into their guidelines.

Surviving the Google Panda Updates

I’ve been trying to make sense of all the comments I find on the Web, in relation to the Google Panda updates. And in doing so, trying to clarify in my mind what to do and what not to do.

Traffic to my site was greatly diminished. In the analysis, the first thing I noticed was that the Google Search was ignoring the “” - was no longer show preference to the websites of Australia. So I had to add “Australia” to every page on my website.

Then another change of Google, which ignored the “Australia” in a sidebar, and I had to put it in the title of each page. Traffic to the website improved slightly.

Another Panda Update

When control of the expression “Access database programmer”, suddenly, she was back on the first page, no need to “Australia” to further qualify the search phrase. It seems that Google has been refining and correcting the search algorithms in each version. And I get more gray.

To draw conclusions about SEO before all the changes that have been established and approved, is premature. Of course, with declining traffic and the establishment of panic, everything is fine to expect that Google will eventually stop making changes. But the answer to SEO is a call to action - the inevitable result is to change something - anything.

SEO is very difficult when you’re aiming at a moving target. I’m sure Google will inevitably make things right. But in the meantime, there will be some innocent people become victims.

Web Tips

SEO One suggestion that I found that is frequently mentioned - a keyword density of 4% is too high. Should be reduced to as low as 2% less likely to be penalized. Well, I have the word “access” natural my entire website at a density much higher than 4.0%, and still have achieved page one ranking. So much for the suggestion.

Then there was a comment that H1 and H2 tags should not contain keywords. Again, this has not been my experience.

Everything is in a state of flux

I remember the experiment of Professor Skinner, getting pigeons to hop on one foot, while waiting for the food. I feel very much like one of those pigeons try anything for the prize of the best classification.

Be careful with simplistic conclusions drawn on a sophisticated system of rules. Especially when those standards are in a state of flux.

Some suggestions

The conclusions I have drawn from this are:

  • Make sure you are pointing to your target audience, and only your target audience. Large numbers of indiscriminate visitor traffic is meaningless.
  • Write original content naturally without taking into account the principles of SEO. If the topic relates to your target audience, of course, will be a good selection of keywords.
  • Make sure what you write is of interest to your target audience.
  • Add headings that summarize each paragraph.
  • Then change some of the repeated keywords, synonyms that could be used to find your website.
  • We continually add pages of interest (news, tips, articles, etc) for your website.
  • The directories article submission have been successful in their rankings. But you better have recovered somewhat. Sending relevant items is still very important. But only submit your article to a directory.

In summary

There is nothing new in all this - only SEO that should have been done first. Only.

Social Media and Internet Search Converge

In 2013, Internet search and social media are beginning to converge. Search engine operators have discovered that social networking provides data on those that can be used to improve search results and ads more productive destination for users or groups of users.

Every time someone enters a search term into a search engine, algorithms to assess the relevance and value of websites and pages within the search engine index. The page and the site is considered more valuable and relevant for the algorithm appears in the top of the search results and other pages and websites listed in descending order according to their relevance and value. At the same time, ads that bind to specific questions search engine shows the user search the understanding that, for instance, if you search for “car insurance buy” indicates a desire to purchase auto insurance.

How algorithms of the search engines determine the relevance and value is difficult to prove. Because there are many different parameters used in the algorithms of search engines, the details of which are often kept secret for commercial reasons, it may be difficult to establish a cause-effect analysis of engine performance of searching for a particular website. Some estimates indicate that the number of different metrics greater range of 200, making the task of unraveling a one-problematic.

However, the fact is that the binding profiles have deep inside ranking algorithms in search engines - the more inbound links to a site, the more authority accrued on that site, in the same way it can determine the academic influence by the number of subsequent publications that refer to an earlier work. Through rigorous testing, some analysts have compiled lists of new metrics likely range, and one of them is a sign of social data at the page level. Many authorities consider it likely that data from social cues increase in importance over the next year.

Social signals help solve several problems for search engines. Although the volume and quality of backlink is positively correlated with the perceived relevance and value in the eyes of human observers, there are cases in which a website can link to another page just so ridiculous. In this case, the usual practice of having inbound links as a “vote of confidence” by the quality of the content in the link target could produce a misleading result. A Facebook “Like” and one Google+ +1’ “are much less ambiguous and can hardly be interpreted as anything but a sign of approval.

Perhaps most important, in the context of the web as a commercial area, linking social signals individual identities endorsements. A Facebook “Like” has not only an expression of approval, but also the profile and interests of the person who likes the content. With increasing levels of integration between Google and search for Google, we can see the impact of personal data in the new Google Search Plus Your World service - Content that has been approved by many acquaintances appear closer to the top of the Search results delivered to a person who became a Google profile.

Search engines are leaving to make generalizations about people and progress towards delivering a more personal experience that takes into account human relationships that inform perceived value. Over time, this may contribute to the gradual fragmentation of the industry of search engine optimization as we understand it today. If the personalized search becomes the standard, the volume and quality backlink (and other parameters “general”) may become less important than the preferences of an individual.

Popular SEO Trends for 2013 to Enhance Online Presence

SEO is important when it comes to boosting your online business and one of the most used strategies in the world to reach the target audience. It is a fact that the Internet has the greatest number of users and more than half of the world is always connected to the Internet to meet their needs. This is the main reason why a number of companies rely on the Internet to reach every corner of the world without having to spend a huge amount of money on advertising their products and services.

SEO trends change every year with the experts who deal with regular basis for new and better strategies to provide the best assistance to companies that hire their services. What are the latest SEO trends in 2013?

The application of the same ideas and techniques is not always a good strategy. So, take a new direction instead of going for the same old streets should be the first strategy SEO experts. Innovative marketing strategies will help boost your business profile and ensure traffic and conversions more specific.

If you are only thinking of Google as a search engine he hopes to get a good ranking with respect to the services of your company, you need to think differently. Your strategy should be designed to be effective in all major search engines. Therefore, SEO services you hire should take a more holistic approach in the provision of web site optimization.

The content of your website should be fresh and unique, and this is very important. If you try to put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors, it will be easy for you to realize that the same old content can be terribly boring.

Social media marketing is a highly sought after SEO option, but their services should be emphasized in a way that will attract more qualified visitors.

The design and layout of your website should not only be awesome, but unconventional and not complicated in any way. The last thing you want Internet users is a great time to load web pages, ideally, browsing web pages should be possible in the shortest time possible.

A-One Innovation SEO company is your best partner if you are looking to incorporate current trends into your business SEO. Professional SEO experts keep themselves updated with the latest trends in optimization and applied successfully to your website get more exposure, traffic and more specific conversions, and ultimately rewarding with excellent business improvement.

Using SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization can be a difficult subject for those who are new to internet marketing. SEO is a marketing technique that allows you to make your site easier to find using a search engine. Services such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google will be able to find your site easily, and these services will be able to rank your site properly.

Basic SEO Techniques:

While it may seem impossible that you can take your website to number one in no time, it is true. This can be done if you use SEO correctly, and only takes a few keywords to improve your ranking. If the page includes the following, increasing its range will take some time.

  • A keyword density of 2-4%
  • Meta Keyword Tags
  • Tags Meta description
  • The key word in the title
  • Using H1, H2 and H3 tags along

These are the basics for creating a page SEO work with the search engines. There are many companies, individuals and blogs that have not implemented this technique, and these sites have fewer visitors and lower ratings. Research has shown that people who take the time to use SEO do have more traffic and visitors who do not. The investment of time and money is well worth it.

Use SEO to drive traffic:

Many of the businesses and successful websites have used search engine optimization to be that way. However, do not like to share these techniques and tips with others. Well, here are the top 3 SEO strategies and techniques:

  1. Building quality one-way links
  2. Find other search engines and traffic building sources other than Bing, Yahoo! and Google
  3. SEO on page / site itself

These strategies have been for many years, but are still used today. However, many do not fully understand how to use them.

SEO Tools:

There are more SEO tools out there that you can not consider, but you can improve your site quickly. These include analysis of your position in search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Google), analysis of your page, and it gives you a number of links. Other tools include the distribution of your articles to the SEO directories and post comments on blogs or forums. Most of these are done automatically with software, using just the click of a mouse.

Organic Tips:

Search engine optimization is to make your article or website on the first page of the “Free” in the search engines. You can do this by using the right keywords, building links using SEO on-page and bring traffic to other resources.

A Defensible Position in SEO

A defensible position in SEO is very important in the wake of Google Panda and Penguin. There are many people online who want to use negative SEO to defeat their competitors. Many of these people are unscrupulous characters who have no qualms in taking down a competitor for their customers or they themselves can do better in the search engines. However, the best thing you can do to protect a person or business against this type of attack is to get in a defensible position in regards to SEO.

A person needs to build your link profile with as many anchor text links brand as possible. This will give the point of support when it comes to maintaining their integrity against a massive attack on their website link. However, it is important to note that this is a difficult prospect because many of the people who use negative SEO can send billions of links to a website in a short period of time. Therefore, it makes sense to link build brand as much as possible on the same principle to develop a position that can be defended against such attacks.

Another good reason why every person should develop its profile link building brand is that these links can generate traffic for the website itself. The goal of every website is to have enough traffic to need not search engines anymore. This can be done through link building practices were the target website captures the email addresses of people who visit the site through an ethical bribe to join a mailing list. Therefore, no matter what someone does to the web so that link building is or what the search engines do themselves. The business has built a traffic source that will be hard for anyone to stop.

Another form of an SEO business quickly is to have a strong test social networking profile. This profile is very similar to a list that would be difficult for some people to have access to social media to affect traffic as possible, the company receives monthly. One of my Internet marketing mentors always says that if a person is based on all search engine traffic, then it has done its job.

A smart way to protect a business against all incoming attacks is to have a diversified traffic campaign that allows a company to lose traffic from search engines. This means that a person must engage in search engine optimization, social media, and pay per click networks because these networks will help businesses survive the loss of one of these funnels traffic.Therefore, one of the most important things to do online is to generate traffic funnels that have nothing to do with the search engines. This is because many people who use negative SEO to try to attack the website. It is the job of the business owner the website owner to make sure you have other traffic sources so that if an attack can still generate traffic from other sources and not have to worry about losing rank in the search engines particular.

On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is usually done in two ways. They include on page and off page optimization. On page optimization mainly refers to working on your own website to generate traffic for it. The important aspects which are to be considered for the on page optimization include external linking, image with tags, keywords, internal linking along with head tags.

However, off page optimization include doing all the activities which are not directly on the website. It includes promotion of the website by posting blogs, articles and press releases on other sites and generates traffic for the site. The important aspects for off page SEO is social media, marketing the articles and guest blogging.

Let’s check out the simple methods to do on page and off page SEO and then decide the best option for the optimization:

On Page SEO:

The keywords should be included in the title, content at the right location and frequency. However, keyword stuffing should be avoided.

The content included on the website should be of a very high quality and relevant to the keyword that it is linked to. You should avoid using plagiarized content in the website.

You should avoid giving URL variants for the similar web page and title tags also should not be reproduced.

There are different strategies which are used for internal linking. You must also check the keyword density and keep a track of the target keywords. The hidden texts in the websites should also be avoided.

SEO professionals must do a proper research about the keywords and keep a track of the page views and rank of the website.

The content of the site also should be constantly updated.

Off Page SEO:

You can begin the off page optimization by posting content related to the keywords on the social networking sites. This will help you to direct traffic to your website. You can promote your website as well as followers who would keep a track of your latest updates. All this would result in making your website top favorite. This will give you a fixed number of visitors for your site.

Another best way is to post blogs on other websites. This will attract the visitors of the blog to your website. You can regularly post blogs on these sites and remind the visitors of the website. In case, you want some very unique content, you can opt for a guest blogger. They will help you to get some very original content that will attract the attention of the viewers. In the blogs, you can also mention about the upcoming topics to make the visitors more enthusiastic so that they would re-visit the site again.

Some SEO’s go in for search engine submission which means including the website on all the possible search engines. This will increase the chance of the viewing the website.

You can post a very interesting photo related to the keyword and this will generate interest of the visitor and redirect them to your website.

Apart from the blogs, you can also post articles, news articles as well press releases which is somewhat related to your site or the keywords used in it. These press releases are written on the current happenings and surely get visitors.

There are various sites available, which provide the facility to submit articles on the sites and give links to your website. These sites provide you the list of the most frequently typed topics or keywords and help in you in the task of optimization.

You can also answer the queries of the visitors on your blogs and articles. This will motivate them to revisit your site as well assure them that you are an expert in the related field. This help in the promotion of your site. You can also go in for organizing discussion forums and discuss the latest development or a current debate going on related to the keyword.

As we have discussed up till now the two types of optimization. It is not helpful for the generating traffic just by depending upon either of the two ways. In order to successfully optimize your website, you need to go in for a combined effort of on page and off page optimization. It is the indication of the best SEO services and many SEO services company prefer to go in for both these methods.